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A Fix For Any Flaw

Address any swing flaw from contact issues to problems with your short game.

A Fix For Any Flaw<br><br>

Swing feedback gets real results

All members get help prioritizing their swing changes and the right feels and drills to work on.

Swing feedback gets real results<br><br>

Practice with a purpose

My systematic practice guides will walk you through how to improve any weak parts of your game.

Practice with a purpose<br><br>

Take it to the course

Our course management lessons provides you with a practical approach to playing smarter and lowering your scores.

Take it to the course<br><br>

Live Q&A every month

Every month, I hold a live Q&A for my members. It's a great way for you to supplement your learnings and get your specific questions answered.

Live Q&A every month<br><br>

What others are saying

Check out what my other students are saying about their experience

  • Nick Maff
    I've been working with Eric for about four years. He's knowledgeable about SO MANY AREAS, and when it comes to the golf swing, he's never satisfied.... He's always trying to learn about the body and different movements, and he's constantly PUSHING HIMSELF and pushing others around him.
  • Steve Uzelac
    I met Eric through YouTube... I'm really lucky to be working with him because he's the one who's taught me how to COMPRESS the ball and got me to MOVE THROUGH the ball.

  • Albert Hahn
    In my opinion, THE BEST instructor on the Internet at the minute. I’m not exaggerating one bit when I tell you that I play better EVERY SINGLE TIME that I go out to the course when I’ve watched and practice the latest tip. Best YouTube discovery I’ve made. Fabulous.

  • Drew Warner
    With Eric, I went from a SIX to just BELOW SCRATCH. We initially created a practice plan that involved a lot less senseless beating of balls and more short game and putting. With Eric I learned HOW TO PRACTICE and how to use my time EFFECTIVELY.
  • Nick Vecillio
    When I first came to Eric, I was a club golfer and was pretty inconsistent. With the help of Eric, I transformed my game and my ball striking. And because of this, I was able to earn a walk-on spot to a Division I golf team.

  • Joe Muscella
    Keep these coming! You have a great delivery and clear instructions. That move makes so much sense and I think it's what I've been missing. Can't wait to try it out. Thanks for all your help!

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