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    Okay, everyone has been posting their scores today so I will too. Eric may have taken a day off yesterday but I didn't. I went to the range and went through the whole drill. 20 minutes putting, wedge distance practice, drills, and grids. I've been doing that religiously for the past couple of weeks and it paid off today. Shot an 86 with 31 putts. The short game has improved so much. I even chipped in for birdie from about 20 feet off the green. Need to keep working on the driver and GIR but things are improving. Need to send my monthly video updates for critique. In the meantime, I'll keep grinding.
    My goal before the season started was to get below 80 on a regular basis. To get two sub 80 rounds in a row one of which was on a new course and a different country is awesome .
  • KYLE B
    Great weekend of golf. Only my first month as a Cogorno member and have only been playing for 1.5 years. Shot an 86 on Saturday and 92 today. I had never broke 90 and usually shoot high 90s or low 100s. Something just clicked this week and the drills from Steve Holmes have helped a ton. I also started visualizing my club going in/out and closing my club face before each swing, staying relaxed and just letting the club go. Need to clean up the 3 putts and work on my 40-80 yard distances and look forward to breaking 80!
    I've only just started my journey with this group (and golf in general), and I don't mean to spam this lovely community - but I'd really like to share this. From the point of Steve and Eric providing swing feedback, I've been very disciplined in making sure to implement what they were telling me. I've gone out to the club around 5 times a week and literally copy pasted the putting & chipping exercises and range work after. And to say I've changed my game is an understatement.
  • MIKE S
    Been seeing HUGE progress last few rounds. Made 6 birdies yesterday, all on par 4's. Shot a 73 despite bogeying all 4 par 5's, in howling 30 mph winds. Handicap down to all time low of 4 after starting out in this group at a 9 only a few months ago!
  • MATT W
    I just focus on what Eric Cogorno tells me to. 🙂 For real though, it has been super helpful to be guided to what my “priorities” are instead of going way off the reservation to chase what everyone says is “the answer.”
  • Kaleigh D
    Hey Eric Cogorno, I appreciate you making a formal announcement about the price increase beforehand. I was skeptical about online instruction but you have erased all my concerns and then some. Not only do you help identify our biggest weaknesses but you tell us HOW to practice which seems to hinder the majority of golfers. For the first time in my playing career, I feel like I'm addressing the root of my struggles and not some temporary band aid. Converting my monthly membership to annual now!
  • Scott T
    Posted a career low (75) today after setting my previous low (77) just 2 weeks ago. Practicing with a plan works 😁
  • Clement L
    Eric Cogorno and team, just wanted to say the core practice program is amazing! I have started with the mechanics and putting plans and love the deliberate practice drills. No more randomly hitting balls for me! C
  • Josh M
    Eric Cogorno I know it’s only been a month and a few days BUT just played best round of my life and set a personal best!
  • Andre D
    Steve Sieracki I can’t begin to describe how accurate you were in your assumption of my misses. Absolutely pushes, hooks, with the occasional snap hook and some thin shots. I love that you diagnosed that by looking at my swing. Gives me tremendous confidence in working on this with what you’ve provided with tremendous emphasis and focus. Awesome stuff man.
  • Jake O
    First month update had me hooked from the get go. The in depth analysis was awesome. What keeps me around is that the coaches aren’t just here for the updates, they answer questions outside of the updates, talk tech, and aren’t afraid to share their knowledge of the game with us.
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